Planning a vacation with your family can be really stressful and when you have a big family, the primary source of worry is arranging a cab huge enough to accommodate every member. But worry no more, with, one of the tensions take a back seat as you can book an entire tempo traveller for your family.

Travel to Wayanad from Bangalore by Tempo Traveller on a 5 day trip and experience the bliss of family time and strengthen your bond as you travel through the hills and forests and enjoy the best of nature.

Day 1: Bangalore to Wayanad by Force / Tempo Traveller

Chembra Peak

Start your 5 days trip to Wayanad from Bangalore by Tempo Traveller with Chembra Peak. This hill is the highest in Kerala at a height of 2100m and overlooks the Kozhikode, Malappuram and Nilgiri districts. Trek to the top and enjoy the beauty of the Hridaya Thadakam lake.

Edakkal Caves

The name literally translates to, ‘a stone in between’ and has multiple stories related to its formation. One can reach the caves by trekking along the trail and be astonished by the Stone Age carvings.

Day 2: Wayanad Sightseeing by Traveller

Pookot Lake

Start your day 2 with Pookot Lake. This freshwater lake is the origin of the Panamaram stream and is surrounded by lush green forests and rolling hills. The lake is also famous for its blue lotuses and the fishes.

Meenmutty Falls

Stay a night in the forest camp houses and boat around the Neyyar dam near this waterfall which consists of three decks within it.

Lakkidi View Point

Surrounded by hills, gorges, and streams, the Lakkidi View Point is known as the ‘Gateway to Wayanad’. It provides you with the complete view of the valley and leaves one in awe.

Day 3: Wayanad Local Sightseeing by Traveller

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

Another day in Wayanad. Get ready for a long drive in our comfortable Tempo traveller cab. Famous for its Avian bird species and the ‘Edible-nest swiftlets’, the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary has a legend of being protected by Garuda, the king of birds. Don’t forget your binoculars and get ready to spot some exotic birds.

Soochippara Waterfall

The easiest way to the reach the waterfall is by trekking to the top and on the way, having the view of the plantations, resting in the tree-top huts and hearing the echoing sound of the waterfalls. Enjoy authentic Keralite food at the local eateries.

Wayanad / Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

The Muthanga wildlife sanctuary places great focus on the scientific conservation of the flora and fauna of the biosphere reserve. One can see elephants and also occasionally sight the tigers along with deer, monkeys, and birds.

Day 4: Wayanad Local Sightseeing

Banasura Sagar Dam

The largest earthen dam of India constraints the water of Kara Manathodu river. With numerous trekking and boating options available here, this is the best sight to spend some family time at.

Kuruva Island

This small island is a pristine, all-natural land. Covered with wild orchids, greenery and flowers, one can either trek along or travel in the bamboo rafts. Also, spot the bridges made of bamboo trees.

Shopping at Wayanad

Pay a visit to the Santhi Pappadam and delve into the locally produced handicraft items. The spices, tea, and coffee have an enchanting aroma to them while the honey has a taste unique to the one produced here. The bamboo artefacts, herbal, and handloom textile are also famous.

Day 5: Bandipur National Park | Bandipur to Bangalore Drop by Traveller

Bandipur National Park

On the last day on your Bangalore to Wayanad 5 day trip by tempo traveller, pack your luggage and proceed to Bandipur National Park. This National Park is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve and is home to the single largest Asian Elephant population. One can take a safari ride, trek or take a bicycle tour.

About Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT hub of the country and is, therefore, known as the Silicon Valley of India. House to the headquarters of IT giants like Infosys and Wipro, the city also has a past like none other. Apart from being the IT hub, it is also home to many prominent sightseeing places. While the city has developed into a metropolitan, it continues to remain attached to its roots and reveals its multiple forms to those who are willing to explore it.

About Wayanad

This small district is a hidden valley in the Western Ghats of Kerala. With its picturesque view and pristine nature, Wayanad is the perfect travel destination for everyone who wish to delve into nature. The town has been blessed with plantations, hills, lakes, waterfalls, and forests covering the majority of the land.

It is impossible for one to resist visiting Wayanad and losing themselves in the arms of nature. We take away your stress of arranging enough number of cabs to accommodate everyone and assure you the best family time as you travel in a Tempo traveller hired just for you. Your comfort is our greatest concern.